Friday, August 3, 2007


Foggy heavy-gray teary-eyed low-hanging
snow-stuffed melancholy winter clouds!

Impulsive wayward turbulent thick-swift-dark
tempestuous hail-angered storm clouds!

Sprinkling lighthearted fanciful breeze-drifted
rainbow-nestled April-hued springtime clouds!

Enormous white-fluffy fairydust-fringed
frolicsome sun-illumed giggling summer clouds!

Thunderous passionate restless rain-soaked
lightning-streaked July-dyed monsoon clouds!

Azure-skylit sunglow-slanted edge-gleaming
white-silver billowy contemplative autumn clouds!

Vivid vibrant blissful dawn-lit joy-beamed
daybreak-florid sunrise-tinted morning clouds!

Aimless airy midday-lazy wandering listless
mountaintop-floating leisurely afternoon clouds!

Amber-ablaze day's-end-pink amethyst ephemeral
smoky-embered evening-welcoming sunset clouds!

Lambent star-flanked luminous moon-haloed
glowing shadow-painted sky-lusty night clouds!

Peaceful bee-buzzing bird-chirping cloudless
clear-bright-blue days of warm-serene sunshine!

—Terri Guillemets

Titles waiting their turn: head in the clouds, on cloud nine, silver linings, clouded over, blue skies, over the moon, as right as rain, come rain or shine, saving for a rainy day, something in the wind, cloud reveries, cloud thesaurus, the clouds of life, cloud-happy, cloud-glee, cloudmore, my skies, nature's skies, sundry skies, assorted skies...

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